June 30, 2016

About us

logochema1 is an acronym of the words :

Community  Habitat  Environmental  Management Programme.


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Empowering communities through training in order to identify surrounding opportunities and put them into use in a sustainable manner with the goal of making the community have a better life.



To share with the community in identifying economic shortcomings found in households and its causes and through the same household, collectively find solutions using existing human and material resources.


Our Focus

Improving Rural Livelihood through Comprehensive Village Based Natural Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture.


The Goal

To ensure sustainable access , protection and fair sharing of natural resources and sustainable agriculture for the necessities of present  and future generations without destructing the environment and endanger the health and / or human safety, for the prevention and control of land degradation, water resources thereof, plants and air, which  holds as a pillar our life support systems.


Our main task is to increase awareness and impart  knowledge of the relationship between environmental protection , sustainable agriculture and sustainable development  to the  community regardless  of  their race, ethnicity, religion or ideology.




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